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What are Inflammatory Foods?

Some factors which contribute to inflammation such as pollution are hard to control – but we can do our best to control the stress – which can lead to inflammation - that a modern lifestyle can place on our body, starting with what we eat. Day-to-day keep in mind consumption of the following inflammatory foods. Refined grains and carbohydrates – white bread and rice where the fibre content has been stripped and nutritional value is virtually non-existent. Whole grains and Low GI carbs are a good option to consider and also ideal for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Trans fats – artificial fat found in margarine, vegetable oil. May as well slap it on your thighs. Sugar – especially refined/white sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Dairy – if you have any gut health related issues it is suggested that reducing or eliminating dairy can be beneficial. Fried + junk foods – includes the usual tasty suspects like french fries, donuts and fried chicken. Processed meat + foods – salami, bacon, hot dogs and smoked meats. Booze – health, happiness and longevity in areas that make up the Blue Zone regions of the world have been attributed to daily consumption of small amounts of red wine – love that! Excessive alcohol drinking is inflammatory and our liver needs a break (ie booze free days). Your hormones, skin and sleep will also thank you.


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