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Some Benefits Of Exercise For Stress

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Looking to feel less stressed? Get ‘yo body movin’!

Exercise helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression - you will reap big rewards around your mental health and overall wellbeing:

  • Getting our heart rate up, our oxygen flowing and blood pumping has positive effects for our brain - you can feel it smiling

  • Moving our body bumps up production of the brain’s feel good neurotransmitter endorphins.

  • Serotonin is released - it fast tracks regulation of mood and stress levels.

  • Movement improves digestion - 90% of our serotonin is produced in our gut - so by taking care of the health of our gut we can reduce stress.

  • Exercise supports us in feeling grounded and connected - notice how great you feel after a walk and talk with a friend?

  • Getting physical moves us out of our head fast - by focusing on our body and physiology we free ourselves of being caught up in our inner dialogue loop and worries.

  • Physical movement builds strength - not just in our body but emotionally and for our state of mind - strength and resilience gets us through those tough times of high stress.

Post from Sascha Jones - Master the Basics Series - For Health + for Life. Live in Flow, Uplevel + Thrive

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