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Looking for Some Meditation Inspiration?

The benefits of meditation are far reaching. Not only used as a powerful and easily accessible stress management tool to calm our nervous system, meditation builds self awareness, connects us with our breath, helps us focus on the present moment, supercharges our spiritual health and builds strength and resilience for managing negative thoughts.

Around neuroplasticity and neuroscience, research shows that meditation literally rewires our brain circuits for a positive impact on our mood and overall body and brain health and wellbeing.

Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting still in one spot and focusing on NOT thinking thoughts - we all know how busy our monkey minds can be! If you struggle with meditation in it’s traditional approach - know that meditation can be anything that is has therapeutic benefits for you.

By practicing mindfulness - and focusing on one thing for a period of time - stress as a pressure can be eased. So get creative - hang out on the floor drawing with the kids, write, paint, move your body - walking, swimming, yoga, running and other forms of exercise, listen to music, dance - the list goes on! It’s about a shift in our consciousness, slowing things down and finding a place where we are aware and calm. Easy! :)

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