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Heading Into a New Week? 5 Tips to Avoid Overwhelm

How do you approach going into a new week?

Here are 5 favourites I find helpful to set myself up, get organised, avoid overwhelm and smash out my week ahead!

Get prepped Sunday night - go over the week ahead and plan out how it is going to look.

Check emails and take care of personal admin like appointments etc. I set an intention for the week to get super clear.

Daily routine - I spend an hour every morning to meditate, write, practice breath work and exercise. I always feel more grounded and ready to take on anything when I take this time for myself to just be and get aligned!

3 to Thrive - prioritise tasks and projects for the day and the week. To avoid overwhelm I focus on the top 3 tasks for the day to action and let the rest go. This also works for the week. Helps me to get laser focused and avoid stressing out over my to do lists and the little things which don’t move me forward.

Digital detox an hour before bed and set up a good sleep routine. Sleep is everything!

Have fun with the process, carve out time for what lights you up and don’t forget to celebrate yourself - high fives all around, do a little jig or sing it out loud. Give yourself some love!

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