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Figuring It Out As You Go?

When I started my journey as a Mum almost 10 years ago I was running an online lifestyle brand, writing, living at the end of a dirt road after selling a family retail business and moving from Sydney. I had no idea what I was doing! I was figuring it all out as I went. I had no idea that 10 years on I would be a Health + Wellbeing Coach doing what I truly LOVE. Looking back I knew that I always wanted to have a family - and run a business. I knew in my soul that it was possible to have both - and to do both with success - I just didn't know how.⁠

Life is such an incredible, exciting ride - and the biggest lesson of all for me? We are not always going to feel ready or that we have our ducks are all lined up in a row. We don't know what the future holds. We are never going to know everything. We don't have all the answers. Sometimes we don't believe in our own ability or our own value or worth. ⁠We all have an inner compass that guides us. ⁠We just need to be true to ourselves, get our mind and our energy aligned, trust, surrender and take the leap. Take imperfect action, be our authentic, messy, chaotic gorgeous selves and just start. Where we are right now. With what we have. We can plan and have strategy and skills and tools - I have learnt a whole lot of these along the way to get laser focused - and still not feel ready. So just friggin' start now!⁠ Motherhood. Business. Whatever it is that drives you. ⁠

Time is always moving - we often feel like we never have enough of it. Life is short - it goes by in a flash. So have FUN with the process and LOVE it, if you don't know the answers - figure them out as you go. Find what lights you up, your passion. Be happy in the now for all you have in front of you - while you create the life that you want. Go for it. It's yours. ⁠

Good Talk. 😊 ⁠

Sending ALL the love. ❤️⁠


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