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Burnt Out? Stressed? Overwhelmed? 5 Lifestyle Hacks to Heal, Re-energise + Get Back Your Mojo.

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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out?

Stress and burn out can look like a lot of things and sometimes can creep up on us when we are least expecting it! It’s a sign that you need to pause, take a beat and listen to what is really going on and what you need to prioritise in your health.

Here are 5 simple lifestyle hacks to reset, recharge and keep your head in the game when you are not feeling all that and when it matters most.

#1. Focus on your gut health. The health of our gut is vital when it comes to managing our stress and to feel energised. Focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods, whole foods, loads of greens and drink plenty of water. Look into taking a high quality probiotic daily.

#2. A reminder to take daily pauses. When you are feeling like you are in the thick of it and the overwhelm creeps in - no matter how much you have on your plate remember to take regular daily pauses and a little time out of your busy schedule during the day. Get out in the sunshine for some vitamin D!

#3. Prioritise self care. Make sure you give back to you - however that looks. Put that oxygen mask on first - take care of the one who matters the most - you! - so you can give back feeling more connected and recharged.

#4. Tap into joy and what lights you you up. When you focus on all the good and what makes you happy - even the smallest and most simple of things - it’s an instant pick me up for your energy and mood and allows for greater connection.

#5. Self awareness is key. Being conscious and acknowledging how you are feeling is the best place to start.

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