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8 Hacks for a Better Sleep

#1 Digital detox a set amount of time before lights out. Place the phone away from the bed – or even better out of the bedroom. Tough I know when we are all used to scrolling in the dark, just doing this or checking that!

#2 Set up a solid sleep routine – this gives the body and brain signals to wind down. It can include digital detox time, getting into pj’s, dimming the lights, reading, writing, meditation, breath work, drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea, setting intentions for the day ahead – whatever works for you to know that it is time to wind down.

#3 A good pillow and mattress are the some of the best investments you will make. Apparently we average about 26 years of our life sleeping so it makes sense to have the right support for your body - and breathing - at night over the long term.

#4 De-clutter your bedroom for better energy flow.

#5 Alcohol affects our sleep – our liver has to work overtime when we drink to clear out toxins. Reducing our booze intake and having AFD (alcohol free day) helps for optimal sleep.

#6 Hormones affect our sleep. If you feel this could be the case – look into supplements which support your cycle or hormonal balance – Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Probiotics, Magnesium.

#7 Doing a mental de-clutter before you go to sleep can help – work backwards through the day doing a quick scan of events, conversations, communication, texts, emails, tasks etc. Disconnect mentally and emotionally from each of these to empty your mind.

#8 Wellness tech apps like f.lux and high quality blue lens glasses – there are some awesome brands which look too - help dim our digital screen light by time of day, and reduce the impact of this on our sleep cycle and our overall health.

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