Sascha Jones

I am all about expressing our highest self and my mission is to help others find new approaches to living - and thriving – without the overwhelm.


In my one on one sessions and 3 month packages we explore root causes of health concerns and blocks that might be holding you back – and stopping you from living in your power as your most confident and vital self.

By making lifestyle changes around food, exercise, mindset, gut health, inflammation, stress, sleep, self-care and connection I help clients bust old habits - for more energy and less stress.

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A little bit about me

With a background in fine and decorative art, styling for TV commercials and fashion design, I had a successful, fast paced and highly stressful retail career in luxury high-end fashion, furniture and home wares. I co-owned two stores in Sydney and travelled internationally at least four times a year as a buyer for my business, which eventually started taking its toll on my overall health and led to burn out.

Longing for a more balanced lifestyle, as well as a family, I sold my business in Sydney, and moved with my partner to a property in the Central Coast Hinterland to escape the city hustle.


I am a busy mum of two high energy boys, a writer, creative, advocate for wellness and a Hi Vibe Junkie. I have been in the wellness industry for 5 years with my business - as Co-Founder of Aussie owned and family run, heart centred wellness brand Set The Bar.


As a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner I believe in an Integrative approach to coaching - and healing - based on a combination of modern science and ancestral wisdom. Personally committed to life long learning and healthy living, I am a big believer in creating a positive life balance - I follow an 80/20 rule so you can enjoy that margarita and chocolate too! By getting to the root cause of our health issues and doing the hard personal work where necessary, we can be the best version of ourselves and create the life we want to live.